LED Aligns with Swarovski Crystal for Brilliant Results!

Swarovski – the world’s leading producer of cut crystal for fashion and jewelry – is also the world’s leading name in crystal chandeliers. Rensen House of Lights has the area’s largest selection of crystal on display. The pure, cool radiance of LED light is a perfect complement to these new LED crystal chandeliers from Swarovski. Visit our showrooms and talk to our lighting experts. They will work with your vision and introduce you to brilliant Swarovski pieces.

Buying crystal is a bit like dating. You want to fall in love at first sight, but you might want to bring a friend along to keep some perspective. Seriously, these crystal LED chandeliers seem to have a presence, so it’s best to come in and see for yourself what moves you. Rensen House of Lights has plenty of beautiful options to help you break into a whole new design scheme in your home.

Here are just a few examples of the unique styles in our stores now!

[fancy_images width=”250″ height=”250″] Rensen House of Lights Swarovski Crystal Empire SCE11[/fancy_images]

The Swarovski Crystal Empire SCE11 is a modern contempo single tier LED chandelier available in Chinook, Grizzly Black, Iceberg, Red Fox, Snowshoe and White Pass finish. The modern contemporary style is sure to complement any kitchen, bedroom, dining room or entry. The frame is wrapped in leather, which helps to emphasize the outstanding qualities of the Swarovski crystal belt.

[fancy_images width=”250″ height=”250″] Rensen House of Lights Crystalon LED Pendant from Swarovski[/fancy_images] This Crystalon LED Pendant from Swarovski takes its hexagonal inspiration from the shape of the very crystals themselves and the LED technology makes them brighter and more sustainable than ever. A breathtaking break-through in crystal lighting! The beauty of these fixtures is more striking and brilliant than photos can convey. Visit our Orlando showroom today to see these and other fine Swarovski crystal products. [/one_half_last]


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