Savoy House Welch 8-light outdoor chandelier Exterior lighting is a great way to bring indoor spaces outdoors, from patios and decks to covered lanais and garden lighting. When choosing outdoor lighting, it’s important to take Kansas’ varied climate into consideration. You need lighting that is rated for outdoor use, and which can withstand various types of weather conditions. Here at Rensen House of Lights, we offer several great options for exterior lighting in Overland Park, KS.

Savoy House Outdoor Chandeliers

Savoy House is known for their elegant lighting solutions, and the outdoor chandeliers from their “Welch” collection are no different. These gorgeous outdoor chandeliers are made in a have a damp area rating and feature gorgeous swirling arms finished in black. The pale cream candle covers give this chandelier the appearance of a candelabrum without needing real candles. This available in four, five, or eight light designs.

Quoizel’s Coastal Armour

Quoizel has developed a special material especially for outdoor lighting. Coastal Armour is made from natural stone and high performance adhesives, provided durability and beauty to any outdoor space. These lights also come with a five year warranty.

Maxim’s VIVEX Outdoor Lights

Maxim’s outdoor lights are made with a unique composition of ground marble and latex, which lends both strength and durability. With a variety of styles to choose from and a three year warranty, you can’t go wrong with VIVEX lights.

Creating a beautiful outdoor space is easy with outdoor lighting from Rensen House of Lights. From chandeliers, ceiling fans, and hanging lights, to wall sconces and spotlights – we carry every lighting option you could possibly want.

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