beautifully lit dining room with chandelier – rensenhouseoflights.comThe dining room is multi-functional – not only do you and your family eat meals here, but you also do homework and bills, play family games, and entertain guests in this space as well. The ideal lighting setup should create the perfect ambiance for all of these activities.

The Basic Idea

The goal when it comes to lighting any room is creating layers. Using a single source of light, or having all of your lighting at the same level can leave the room looking too dark, or even flat. Your lighting should add dimension and warmth to the space. When planning your space, choose general lighting to fill the entire room, and then add accent lighting for dimension.  For example, combining recessed lighting with a chandelier over the table and wall scones can create a beautiful layering effect.

Reducing Glare

When lighting a dining room, aim to create soft, warm light that illuminates the table and any other elements of the room you wish to showcase without being too bright and creating a glare. There are a few ways to achieve this. The first thing you should do is choose incandescent or LED bulbs that are warm in color. Avoid bright white lighting. Another way to reduce or prevent glare is to install dimmers. Separate dimmers for the ceiling lights and your accent lighting are recommended so that you can customize the level of light in the room.

Choosing the Right Lights

The lighting you choose depends on your personal style, the size of the room, and the décor that is already in the room. The lighting should be designed to complement the room, and blend seamlessly into the existing décor.  For example – in a smaller room, you might opt for minimalist lighting like recessed lights to avoid closing up the space.   A chandelier is a beautiful option for above the dining room table, but not any chandelier will do. See our chandelier sizing guide to find the best size and shape for your space.

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