LED lighting in a laundry room – RensenHouseOfLights.comLED stands for light-emitting diode, and it has become a standard in lighting technology, edging out traditional incandescent bulbs over the years as people have realized the potential of LED. Not only are LED bulbs more durable and longer lasting than traditional incandescent, but they also offer better lighting quality and use significantly less energy – at least 75% less  than incandescent lighting. But how does it work?


LED lighting typically uses a mixture of red, green, and blue light to create a white light – although modern LED lighting can come in a variety of colors, including tones that mimic the warmth of incandescent bulbs. These light-emitting diodes are incredibly tiny, and many combine to create a single light fixture.


Rather than throw light in all directions like an incandescent bulb, an LED emits light in one direction. This reduces the need for things like shades that diffuse or trap light. Because of this, LED is ideal for recessed lighting or any kind of task lighting.


LEDs emit much less heat than their incandescent counterparts, which translates to using much less energy and being much safer. 90% of the energy emitted from incandescent bulbs is heat, which is not very efficient when lighting space.

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