When it was first introduced, outdoor lighting was most commonly used to light the front door of the home. Today, exterior lighting has gone beyond the humble porch light to create a stunning extension of the home. When designing an outdoor entertainment space, or illuminating a garden or lawn, there are a few factors to take into consideration when selecting the lighting solutions:


The composition or layout you choose for your lighting will arguably have the biggest impact on the space. Carefully consider which features of the space you wish to highlight in order to achieve your desired look. When lighting an outdoor space, less is more. Too many lighting fixtures can make the space look flat, and result in high electric bills. Instead, opt for a layered look with specific “feature lighting” in areas of interest, and a few lights at varying heights and brightness to create dimension.


For outdoor spaces, choose the warmest lighting available. Warm-toned lights appear more natural, whereas cool-toned lighting can make foliage look unnatural or even sickly. Warm temperature lighting will create a welcoming, pleasant ambiance in any outdoor space.

Rensen House of Lights

When selecting your lighting, consider stopping into the Rensen House of Lights showroom in Lenexa, Kansas. We carry a wide selection of gorgeous landscape lighting in the Kansas City area.

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