bright, clean bathroom with elongated light fixtures to either side of the mirrorThe bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you do a majority of your personal grooming tasks, and it’s often the place where you start and end your days. If you want to look and feel your best every day, then you need to take care when choosing the lighting in your bathroom. Inadequate lighting could result in missed spots when shaving or even a makeup mishap. Have you ever done your makeup and felt like it looked good, and then went out in the daylight and realized it was a disaster? This can easily be avoided with the proper lighting.


The Vanity

The lights around your vanity mirror are the most important lights in the bathroom. They should allow you to see your face and hair accurately, ensuring   that you take care of your personal grooming and put on your makeup without any issues.


The secret to perfect vanity lighting is to prevent shadows from falling across your face. To spread light evenly across the face, place longer, vertical wall sconces to either side of the mirror. If you cannot achieve this in your current space, place the lighting above the mirror. Choose several recessed lights in the ceiling, or grouped light fixtures that span the length of the mirror.


General Lighting

Aside from the mirror, your bathroom doesn’t need much. A single fixture in a central location, like a flush-mount or semi-flush fixture, recessed light, or a pendant is enough to light the space. This will illuminate the entire space to make up for any spots the task lighting leaves in shadow.


Other Task Lights

If you have a larger bathroom or your shower curtain or door is opaque, you may want to consider more lighting. In the shower area especially, extra lighting may be needed so that you can see well enough while you bathe. Choose a recessed fixture with a glass cover – plastic ones can get cloudy.

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