pharmacy floor lamp in modern greyscale living roomFloor lamps are a versatile lighting source that can be used in several different ways throughout a space. The biggest draw is the portability – you can place a floor lamp anywhere you can find an outlet. This enables you to create a more flexible lighting design in your home. Choosing the right floor lamps for your living room depends largely on what you plan to use it for:

As Accent Lighting

Floor lamps make great accent lighting because they can be placed anywhere in the room, and come in a wide variety of styles to enhance the beauty of any décor. If you plan on using your floor lamp as an accent light, go for more decorative or elaborate styles to add style and elegance to the space.

As Task Lighting

One of the best ways to use a floor lamp is as a reading light. Position a gooseneck, arc, or swing arm floor lamp next to your comfiest recliner for the ideal reading spot. Choose lamps that direct light downward for the best illumination.

As Ambient Lighting

For spaces that have inadequate ceiling fixtures, floor lamps can also make great ambient lighting. Choose a lamp that directs light upwards or a multi-lighted lamp that can cast a wash of light over the entire room. For larger spaces, add multiple floor lamps for an even dispersion of light.

Where to Find the Best Selection of Floor Lamps

Rensen House of Light carries the widest selection of high quality floor lamps near Lawrence. Stop into our Kansas lighting showroom or browse through our online store to find the perfect floor lamps for your living room, not matter what style you need.

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