The Evolution of the Chandelier, Pt. 2

the langford collection 15 light led chandelierIn our last post, we took you on a journey through time, following the history of the chandelier from ancient times to the 18th century. Now, we’ll show you how the chandelier evolved to its modern incarnation.

Industrial Revolution

During the industrial revolution, home décor became more accessible to the middle class – this included chandeliers. During this time, the French Revolution birthed the Neoclassical style, which was much less elaborate than the Baroque designs that preceded it.

During the Industrial Revolution, the early Americans made chandeliers out of cheap metal like tin. Sheet metal was scarce, so they made do with what they had.

Style Revivals

In our modern times, we often see old fashions from the 80s and 90s coming back into popularity. Fashion has always been a bit cyclical in nature, so it’s no surprise that the 19th century saw a return of old Roman, Rococo, and Gothic designs. French chandelier makers made new, innovative designs based on older styles.

During this time gas lighting also became available, which necessitated the use of glass shields to cut down the intense brightness of the chandeliers.  Gas lit chandeliers were frequently made in the elaborate Rococo style.

Advances in Technology

In the late 19th century, the electric lightbulb radically changed the appearance of the chandelier. New, modernized designs began to take precedence over old, classic styles. The dimmer switch was introduced by Mario Fortuny, which revolutionized theater lighting. At this time, chandeliers also utilized downward facing lights – something that was impossible with gas and candle-lighted chandeliers.

The Modern Chandelier

These days, chandeliers are made in both modern styles as well as old. Many choose to decorate their homes in vintage styles, while others wish to create a sleek, modern feel with geometric chandeliers. No matter which style appeals to you, you can find the widest selection of chandeliers near Lawrence, KS at Rensen House of Lights.

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