outdoor flush mount wall sconceExterior lighting is the perfect way to extend your living space outdoors, add security to your home, and highlight important landscaping and architectural features. Choosing the proper lighting for any outdoor space is simple using this handy guide.

DO – Use LED Lighting

LED has become the standard for both interior and exterior lighting for several reasons. LEDs are energy efficient, available in a wider range of colors and tones, and because they throw off almost no heat, they are much safer to use in any setting.

DON’T – Choose a Cool-Toned Lighting Source

When selecting exterior lighting, it is always best to choose a warm-toned LED, especially for highlighting landscaping features. Cool tones will make plants look unnatural and sickly.

DO – Layer Your Light Sources

In any space, indoors or out, the best lighting schemes are constructed in layers. The composition of your lighting can either completely ruin the existing design or enhance its beauty. Layers of light add more dimension to the space, so use a mixture of well lights, path lighting, and sconces at varying heights to create a more dramatic design.

DON’T – Overdo Your Lighting

While layering light is a great way to achieve drama in your outdoor lighting scheme, overdoing it can have the opposite effect. Too many lights can make your landscaping look flat and run up your electric bill. Carefully choose which landscaping and architectural features you wish to highlight and choose fixtures that will perfectly showcase those features without overpowering their design.

DO – Visit Rensen House of Lights

The best way to find the right exterior lighting near Overland Park is to stop into our showroom. Rensen House of Lights has an extensive selection of stylish and functional outdoor lighting for your home.

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