4 Popular Ceiling Fixtures for the Modern Kitchen

kitchen island with pendant lightingCreating adequate lighting in your kitchen can be difficult. In other areas of your home, you can create dimension with a combination of ceiling lighting, wall lighting, and floor and ceiling lamps. However, in the kitchen, it just isn’t practical or possible to include lamps or wall lighting. In the kitchen, ceiling lighting is king, and you need to be able to utilize it for both general and task lighting. Here are four types of lighting you can install to get the best lighting in your kitchen.

Recessed Lighting – Recessed lighting is a great way to get enough illumination over your countertops and specific areas of the kitchen without taking up space with a fixture. Use recessed lighting in combination with other ceiling lights to create dimension.

Track Lighting – Track lighting is the perfect way to get custom illumination. Track lighting with movable fixtures allows you to direct light where you need it most. It is popular as task lighting for this reason.

Flush-Mount Lighting – Flush-mount fixtures can provide decent general lighting in a space without taking up much room. These unobtrusive fixtures work best in combination with other types of lighting.

Pendant Lighting – Pendant lighting works wonderfully over a kitchen island, and has become increasingly popular in interior design over the years. Stylish pendant lighting provides beautiful illumination, while also contributing to the overall décor of your kitchen.

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