The Right Outdoor Lighting Can Help You Sell Your Home

landscape lighting Kansas cityWhen staging a home for sale, you want to make sure the house is stylish on the inside and has great curb appeal on the outside. When it comes to creating curb appeal, outdoor lighting is a secret weapon. Potential buyers driving through the neighborhood at night will be wowed by the right outdoor lighting. Here are some tips to design beautiful outdoor lighting to draw homebuyers:

Choose a Cohesive Style

When selecting your outdoor lighting, it’s important to take the overall style of the home into consideration. With older homes, vintage style fixtures enhance the character of your home. More modern homes will look best with sleek stainless steel LEDs or even solar lights. The goal is to accentuate the existing style, not to establish a new style.

Illuminate What’s Important

When choosing your exterior lighting, focus on light fixtures that provide both safety and beauty. When it comes to creating a warm, welcoming glow, it is essential to focus on the walkway, stairs, and the doorway. Highlight the entrance makes buyers want to come inside.

Wall-washing around the perimeter of the home is another excellent way to highlight your home’s best features at night.

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