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3 Easy Lighting Upgrades for Your Home from our Home Lighting Store near Lawrence

Every once in a while, the urge to remodel our home starts to creep in.However, the budget to start a project isn’t always there. We know the frustration. When you need a change, updating your lighting in these three simple ways can add a big impact for a small price. You can use Rensen House of Lights astonishing selection of LED lighting near Kansas City, KS to:

Update or Add Path Lighting

To create beautiful pathway lighting you only need four things: a shovel, the fixtures you plan to install, a plug-in transformer, and a low-voltage cable. Path lighting adds both beauty and safety to your home. Not only will it look much more welcoming, but it will also help you and your guests find their way to your door easily. With warm LED lighting near Kansas City, KS available in a wide variety of styles, you are sure to find something that matches your style.

Choose More Elegant Switch Plates

One way to add extra beauty to your home without breaking your budget it to replace those boring offwhite switchplates. Custom switchplates that match your décor style more closely will instantly make your home feel more stylish and scratch your remodeling itch for now.

Add Undercabinet Lighting in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Undercabinet lighting is simple and inexpensive, but incredibly useful. When it comes to LED lighting near Kansas City, KS, LED tape is the most versatile by far. Puck lighting and fluorescent tube lighting are also great options depending on your space.

  • In the Kitchen:
    • Task lighting for food prep.
    • Beautiful, glowing ambient light.
  • In the Bathroom
    • A great solution for lighting small bathrooms.
    • Ambient Lighting.
    • Task Lighting over the Sink.

Undercabinet lighting also adds drama to your lighting scheme that is incomparable to any other form of lighting. Not only will it look beautiful in your home, but it is also a snap to install – making this the perfect DIY project for any skill level and budget.

You can find the latest lighting styles in our showroom in Lenexa, KS, and our online store. Visit Rensen House of Lights in person or online today and find all of the lighting solutions you need to update your home.