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Exterior Lighting in Lawrence, KS – Common Mistakes

Designing an exterior lighting scheme for your home can seem overwhelming. Your goal should be to enhance the beauty of your home’s architectural features while also increasing security and safety. If you avoid these common mistakes, you can ensure that your exterior lighting in Lawrence, KS will look stunning.

Too Few Fixtures

You want to highlight the important features of your home, but if this is your sole objective you could wind up with sparse lighting that leaves dark spots. The objective is to create nice, even lighting, with accent lighting installed for the most important areas.

Too Many Fixtures

It can be easy to go overboard with your outdoor lighting as well. You want to layer your lighting to create dimension, but you don’t want it to look like broad daylight on your lawn. Overusing lighting fixtures can undo the layering effect and make everything look flat.

Not Utilizing Layered Lighting

Layering light sources is something we have talked a lot about when it comes to indoor lighting, but it is important to note that it can also be applied to outdoor lighting.  With a combination of path lighting, uplighting, and wall-mounted lighting you can create a more dramatic look. If you have a covered porch, an outdoor chandelier or ceiling-mounted light can also be used as an accent piece for your exterior lighting in Lawrence, KS.

The Wrong Finish

When selecting your outdoor lighting fixtures, look for something that can stand up to the weather. If you select a fixture that is not rated for outdoor use, or that is not durable, you could wind up with broken lights and wasted money. We stock Quoizel’s Coastal Armour collection for this reason. While Kansas is not a coastal area, these fixtures are incredibly durable and can handle harsh weather conditions, making them perfect for any location.

The Wrong LED Temperature

Choosing cool-toned LED bulbs will result in unnatural, sickly looking plants and a home exterior that is less than appealing. Warm LEDs are similar to natural sunlight, so they work perfectly for outdoor settings.

Shopping Anywhere Else

Rensen House of Lights has everything you need when it comes to exterior lighting in Lawrence, KS. We stock all the latest styles, so why would you shop anywhere else? Stop by our showroom in Lenexa, Kansas today.