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Selecting the Best Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Choosing the right bathroom lighting is essential. Not only is it important for aesthetic reasons, but so that you have adequate lighting to perform your daily hygiene tasks. Putting on makeup, shaving, and styling hair is difficult or downright impossible if your lighting is insufficient.

As with any room, layering light sources is the best way to create the right atmosphere and ensure that you have sufficient light for the important daily tasks that take place in your bathroom. This handy guide will help you choose the best light fixtures near Lawrence, KS to create the perfect bathroom lighting scheme.

Vanity Lighting

The vanity is the most important area of the bathroom, so you need to spend extra time selecting your lighting. When standing in front of the mirror, light should be evenly dispersed across your face with no shadows. Bathroom light bars can be installed either vertically on either side of the mirror, or horizontally above it, making it a great choice for your bathroom mirror.

Additional Task Lighting

In addition to the vanity, you may also wish to install task lighting in the shower. When selecting your light fixtures near Lawrence, KS look for flush mount or semi-flush mount fixtures in either glass or acrylic housing. Plastic tends to get cloudy when placed in damp spaces.

General Lighting

In most bathrooms, a single ceiling fixture in a central location is sufficient to provide general ambient lighting. Just like the shower, flush or semi-flush mount lighting is perfect. You can also install a few recessed lighting fixtures, which is a great way to light small bathrooms.

Check for Dampness Rating

It’s important to check the dampness rating of your light fixtures when shopping for bathroom lighting. Because of the steam from the shower, it’s important to purchase light fixtures that can withstand extremely damp environments.

Where to Find the Widest Selection

When you’re searching for the perfect bathroom light fixtures near Lawrence, KS, look no further than Rensen House of Lights. Whether you stop into our showroom in Lenexa, Kansas or browse through our online store, you’re sure to find exactly what you need to create the perfect lighting design in any space.