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The Benefits of LED – The Standard of Home Lighting

For the past few years, LED lighting has been surpassing older lighting technologies like incandescent and halogen as the standard of home lighting. There are many advantages that LED offers that would simply not be possible with more traditional lighting technology. LED lighting in Kansas City, KS provides the following benefits:

Energy Efficiency

The biggest draw when it comes to LED lighting is the energy efficiency. LEDs use about 90% less energy than regular incandescent bulbs. By replacing all of your incandescent bulbs with LED lighting in Kansas City, KS you can see a measurable drop in your electricity bill.


While purchasing the bulbs initially may be more expensive that incandescent, LEDs have a much longer life span. In the long run, you will save considerably on operating costs in the long term. The lifespan of your average LED is 60,000 hours. Compared to the 1,500 you get with an incandescent bulb, it isn’t even a contest.


Rather than relying on a filament or neon gas, an LED utilizes semiconductor material. The actual structure of an LED is a small chip enclosed in epoxy resin, which makes it much more durable than your average incandescent bulb. LED lighting in Kansas City, KS is able to withstand higher temperatures, shock, and vibration that would break traditional bulbs.


Because LED lighting is manufactured with non-toxic materials, it is much safer for the environment. In addition, LEDs are also recyclable.


Incandescent bulbs throw off a lot of heat. In fact, up to 90% of the energy that incandescent lighting consumes is converted to heat. This can put your at risk for burns or even fires if the lights are left on for too long. LEDs do not give off heat, and can be left on for many hours. Utilizing LED lighting in your home can greatly reduce your risk of burns and fires.

Color Options

An LED bulb is made up of several tiny components, allowing you to blend light colors to create a wide range of unique colors depending on your needs. Incandescent bulbs use inefficient filters to produce colored light. With nearly endless color options, you can always find an LED with the right color temperature for whatever application you desire.

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