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The Best Ways to Utilize Exterior Lighting in Topeka

Exterior lighting is the perfect way to extend your home beyond its doors and add curb appeal. Adding exterior lighting near Topeka creates a welcoming atmosphere around your home and pulls the careful design work you’ve done inside your home to the outdoor space. Home décor isn’t just about interior decorating anymore. Here are some ways you can leverage exterior lighting to get the most out of your outdoor décor.


At the Entryway

The entrance to your home is the first thing your guests will see, so you want it to feel warm and welcoming. Wall sconces on either side of the door are beautiful accent lights, and serve a functional purpose too, illuminating the door handle so that you can see to unlock the door. If you have a porch or a cover over your entry way, a pendant or small outdoor chandelier is also a great option to consider.


Highlighting the Landscape

You put a lot of effort into your landscaping, so you want to show it off. Installing exterior lighting near Topeka is a great way to flaunt your landscaping at night. Choose the features of your landscaping that you most want to highlight – a flower bed, or an ornamental tree – and install landscape lights around them. Choose warm-toned LED lighting to achieve the most desirable effect.


Path Lighting

Illuminating a garden path or front walkway with evenly spaced path lights is a perfect way to add both safety and beauty to your outdoor space.


In an Outdoor Entertainment Space

Your outdoor entertainment space is not complete without some striking outdoor lighting. An outdoor chandelier or large pendant on your patio or covered porch is the perfect way to add elegance and illumination to this type of space.


Where to Find the Best Selection

No matter what style you are looking to accomplish with your outdoor spaces, you can find the widest selection of exterior lighting near Topeka at Rensen House of Lights. You can stop by our beautiful lighting showroom in Lenexa, Kansas or browse our online store for your perfect outdoor lighting solutions. While you’re at it, check out our wide selection of indoor lighting as well.