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Utilizing Trendy Pendant Lighting in Your Home

When you are looking to add modern, elegant lighting to your home, pendant lighting is an excellent solution. One of the most versatile types of lighting fixtures near Kansas City, pendant lighting can be utilized in almost any room to give just the right amount of illumination and style.


Kitchen Task Lighting

One of the most popular ways to use pendant lights is to place a group of two or three over a kitchen island as task lighting. They provide the ideal illumination for performing various tasks in your kitchen. Choose pendants with shades so that the light shines downward – directly on your work surface.


Ambient Lighting in the Foyer

In places where a chandelier would be too obtrusive, a single large pendant is perfect for ambient lighting. In the foyer, an open cage design pendant light adds the perfect amount of ambient light to welcome guests into your home, and is easy to maintain.


Multi-System Pendant Lights

A current trend in pendant lighting is to combine them with other types of lighting fixtures near Kansas City. The best way to arrange your multi-system lighting – especially in the kitchen, is to place them along a track lighting or monorail lighting system. The adjustable lights on the track or monorail lighting allow you to point your lights in any direction for custom illumination, while the pendants provide illumination directly onto the table or island.


Grouping Pendant Lights

When choosing to group your pendant lights, you’ll need to think about the number and size that you need to adequately light the space while keeping with the style of room. A current trend in pendant lighting for the kitchen is to use two slightly oversized pendants over the kitchen island, or three slimmer pendants. When you visit Rensen House of Lights, bring a photo of your kitchen so you can better visualize how the pendants will look in your space.


Where to Find the Widest Selection of Pendant Lighting

When you’re on the hunt for the trendiest selection of pendant lighting fixtures near Kansas City, Rensen House of Lights should be the only stop on your route. Whether you stop in to our physical showroom in Lenexa, Kansas, or you’re browsing through our online store, you won’t find a better selection.